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Essence De La Maternite's mission is to provide: educational, emotional, physical and social support to all mothers regardless of age, creed, religion, nationality or financial status.

Essence De La Maternite  nurtures a mother's mind, body & spirit as she goes through a kaleidoscope of mental, emotional, physical, sexual and social changes throughout all stages of Motherhood and Womanhood.

Essence De La Maternite's aim is to help reduce: postpartum depression, infant mortality, premature births, low birth weights, child abuse and family stress.

Essence De La Maternite's vision is to empower families with tools to make informed decisions that in turn will facilitate positive experiences and create a foundation for healthy living and parenting. 

Essence De La Maternite seeks to collaborate with other health and wellness care practitioners to help prevent: complicated pregnancies, birth defects due to poor self-care and substance abuse; decrease neonatal and infant mortality, postpartum depression, low birth weight, child abuse and more.

Essence De La Maternite's objective is to build a company that provides stable and flexible employment opportunities; potential for career advancement, financial and personal growth.

Essence De La Maternite's goal is to provide our services to families throughout the world.

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